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Hello from California!

Cindy Nguyen- Marseille

I’m Cindy, a first year Ph.D. student in the history program at UC Berkeley. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to Umea for the first meeting, but am looking forward to seeing everyone in December and following your blog posts.

I have only just encountered the world of digital humanities through involvement in a digitization project led by the digital humanities center MATRIX at my Master’s degree institution Michigan State University. After a summer spent exploring some digital practices of data visualization through the CHI fieldschool (check out what we built here!), I’ve been reflecting on the potential of ‘the digital’ in my research.

My research interests are in modern Southeast Asia, with a focus on 20th century print culture in Vietnam. Although I am far from and don’t quite identify as a ‘digital historian,’ I am incredibly excited for the possibilities of how new technologies can both transform old questions and inspire new ones. Most of my wonderment is centered on new dissertation and center projects integrating new technologies into old forms of textual and spatial analyses. I hope that this class and specific focus on digital history can provide the space for us to experiment, learn from one another, and innovate new ways of examining the past. TwitterLinkedIn/ and hopefully personal blog will be up soon and posted here!

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