Data visualizations – to be continued…


In this post I thought I would share with you some of the experiences I have had while working with the visualizations. The first thing I have learned is that a successful visualization requires simple data structures. This catchphrase I have got to know only recently after dozen of attempts to create or transform numbers into individual cells, rows, columns but also NumberLists, OrderedNumbers and other constellations. This step is necessary to make numbers recognizable by the system but the problem is that there is no easy way to understand how they should be transformed. In addition, Data converters designed to help do not respond or point to some unidentified errors. The beginnings were very promising. I have chosen Quadrigram tool which promised not only to create custom data visualizations in “an intuitive way” but also to do it “painlessly”. It is not doubt that this system was chosen also because of its superlatively polished visualizations. So, as a diligent student, I went through the ‘Getting started’ course, analyzed the templates and started to impart local file with data. This went all fine but as soon as I reached the point of conversion, my data seemed to be too complicated. The transformation into different structure did not work either. I understand that it is all about individual motivation, competences and experience but…common, I did try. I am sure it would work easier for someone with more advance understanding of programming. In the end, I gave up all hope of ever having super fancy, shining, blinking visualizations and I turned towards a simple but well-tried solution. Thanks to Finn Arne IMB Many Eyes was the new choice and it hit me almost like a ton of bricks how easy is to upload my data and choose a visualization there. This saved me a great deal of time. Here are some of the results which I would like to share with you:

– The share of nationalities selected by the Swedish delegation from the UNHCR camps between 1968-1972

– The occupational composition of migrants selected by the Swedish delegation from the UNHCR camps between 1968 and 1972

– Directions of departures from refugee camps for the period from October 1969 to May 1970


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