Intellectual property management

Dear all. I’m sorry that I don’t have the possibility to come to Umeå this time around, but I’ll see you all on the Skype-link.

I hope I’ll be able to present the work I’ve done so far with my course project. For my PhD I don’t have data that are easily quantifiable, and I thus can’t make these fancy-pancy and beautiful visualizations many of you have come up with. I can’t either make these smart text mining things, since most of it is music. In addition: my material is under quite heavy copyright restrictions, so I can’t make an online exhibit of it either without getting into trouble. I decided to instead make a project on intellectual property and rights management in the digital age. So far I’ve been going through a lot of laws and regulations and I’ve contacted several management societies about interpretation of the laws. Mostly I’ve been concerned with Norwegian regulations.

Digital historians often write what can be called compound texts, that is texts combining different modes of communication:  words, images (pictures and figures), sound and film. For all of these modes there exist different regulations, and when working with 20th century material, copyright thus often becomes an issue. The following table sums up some of the regulations.

Type of work Protection time in Norway Management in Norway
Text 70 years after death of author Regulated by publisher or Kopinor
Images – “photographic works” 70 years after death of photographer Regulated by photographer or photo agency
Images – “photographic pictures” 15 years after death of photographer, or at least 50 years after the work was published. 25 years after the picture was taken if this happened before the law change in 1995.
Music composition, lyrics 70 years after death of composer/lyricist Regulated by TONO
Sound recording, performance rights 50 years after recording issued for the first time Regulated by GRAMO
Mechanical rights to sound recording 50 years after recording issued for the first time Regulated by NCB
Film 70 years after death of longest living member of the central production team (director, producer, writers etc.) Regulated by Nowaco

I will present this more in detail for the meeting next week, give examples and discuss some problem cases. Are any of you working with recent material in your UMEDH-projects where copyright is an issue?


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