Post-project work reflections

There are few reasons why I have chosen data visualizations as a theme to explore during my project work for the #UMEDH course. Firstly, I assumed that it can be a very rewarding tool, particularly for the improvement of the visual aspects of the study. Secondly, I took it for granted that the historical data I am using will automatically convert into colorful graphs. This fitted well with the lack of programming experience, which seemed to characterize the other tools and methods. Finally, it had always struck me how comprehensible the figures can be comparing to dozens of layers of analytical text. Having said that, the #UMEDH course helped me to verify some of these thoughts, if not to understand how wrong I was. The processes of selecting the tool, converting the data, and working out the results test scholar’s patience. Still, however, I would argue that there is much more fun involved in trying these tools, although the results are not always what we were hoping for.


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