The course will take place over the full fall semester, with two physical meetings in Umeå. The first, September 4-6, will be dedicated to explorations, short introductions to main discussions, key problems, and central tools and methods in digital history. Following this meeting, the participants explore, share, and discuss these methods in more detail, based on their own work and research, through a course blog and through work on a mandatory assignment. This work will be semi-structured, but relies heavily on active student participation. The second meeting, December 9-10, is dedicated to reflections, where we discuss the outcomes of this work in more detail and reflect on some higher-order issues and approaches in digital history.

w37: Explorations. First meeting in Umeå

Close and Distant Reading in the Historical Practice
w39: Text Mining History
w40: Topic Modeling
w41: Visualizing Text

History in Time and Space
w42: Thinking Spatially
w43: Working with GIS

w44: fall break

History and New Media
w45: Digital Exhibitions
w46: Enhancing Scholarship through Multimedia Texts

Digital History in the Historical Profession
w47: Project Management
w48: Critical Perspectives on the Digital Humanities
w49: Revisiting Digital History (aka. “What digital historians do”)

w50: Reflections. Second meeting in Umeå. Project presentations.

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